If you do not see your concern listed below, you may receive additional advice by consulting the list of engineers on the left and emailing the one who is knowledgeable about your instrument, or emailing info@sutter.com or placing a call to 415.883.0128. Please note that we are located in California, USA and our normal business hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time, GMT-8.

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P-1000/P-97/P-87 "The 15 Questions" - Troubleshooting Variability
TECHNOTES: How to Create 20µm-200µm Pipette Tips using the Ceramic Tile (CTS)
How do I run a Ramp Test?
Troubleshooting problems with burning out filaments.
Regeneration of Drierite (Blue Granules)
Diagnosing air leak or blockage problems
Adjusting Filament Position Using Eccentrics
Pipette Cookbook (6MB file)

Pipette Shape Large Patch Pipettes
Changing Pipette Shape
Pronuclear Injection Needle
Patch Pipettes
25 - 35 micron tip with a Short taper (3-4mm)
The Sutter Ceramic Tile & making a 20-200 micron tip with a 5 to 15mm long taper
TECHNOTES: What is filamented glass and who needs it?

Filament Concerns Replacing, Centering, and other filament concerns

P-80/PC Using a P-97 manual with a P-80PC
P-80PC General Concerns

P-2000 TECHNOTES: Protective Ruler for Nanospray Tubes
TECHNOTES: Novel applications for P-2000
TECHNOTES: Which P-2000 model do I need?
How to Prepare your P-2000 for Shipping or Relocation


XenoWorks Microinjection Applications
How would I deliver genetic material to mammalian cells by microinjection?
Using the Analog Injector (BRI) with a Three-way Valve
BRI syringe size and volume delivery table
BRE Digital Injector pressure settings
APPNOTES: Zebrafish Microinjection

Manual Microinjector Filling the Manual Injector with Oil or Water


Electrophysiology Bundles Interactive PDF to help you choose the correct bundle
PDF flow chart describing bundled systems


Lambda VF-1/VF-5 TECHNOTES: Options for easy control of Lambda VF-1 and VF-5


Comparison of Sutter Filter Wheels and Controllers
Comparison of Sutter Micropipette Pullers
Comparison of P-1000 and P-97
Comparison of Sutter Stages and Translators

Below are links to the Sutter Instrument product manuals that are currently available for download. If the manual you require is not listed below, please email us to let us know which manual you need.

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IPA & SutterPatch Quick Start Guide
IPA & SutterPatch Operation Manual
dPatch & SutterPatch Quick Start Guide
dPatch & SutterPatch Operation Manual
Dendrite & SutterPatch Quick Start Guide
Dendrite & SutterPatch Operation Manual


Lambda 10-2 Operation Manual

Lambda 10-3 Operation Manual

Lambda 10-B Operation Manual

Lambda 10-C Operation Manual

Lambda 421 Operation Manual

Lambda DG-4 Plus USB / DG-5 Plus USB Operation Manual

Lambda DG-4 Plus / DG-5 Plus Operation Manual

Lambda DG-4 / DG-5 Operation Manual

Lambda LS Operation Manual

Lambda LS-XL Operation Manual

Lambda LS Shutter Installation Guide

Lambda XL Operation Manual

Lambda HPX Operation Manual

Lambda HPX-L5 Operation Manual

Lambda SC Operation Manual

Lambda SC USB Installation Guide

Lambda VF-5 Operation Manual

Xenon Bulb Replacement Instructions


QUAD® Operation Manual

QUAD® Quick Reference

TRIO™-235 Operation Manual

TRIO™-235 Quick Reference

TRIO™-245 Operation Manual

TRIO™-245 Quick Reference

MP-225 Operation Manual

MP-225A Operation Manual

MP-285 with Joystick Operation Manual

MP-285[A] with ROE Operation Manual

MP-285[A] Refernce Manual

MP-285/225 Swing Gate Operation

MPC-325 Operation Manual

MPC-365 Operation Manual

MPC-385 Operation Manual

MPC-Series Calibrate Addendum


P-30 Operation Manual

P-77 Operation Manual

P-80/PC Operation Manual

P-87 Operation Manual

P-97 (Domestic) Operation Manual

P-97 (International) Operation Manual

P-1000 Operation Manual

P-1000 Quick Start Guide

P-1000 Thermolock Operation Guide

P-1000 GUI Manual

P-2000 Operation Manual

PC-84 Operation Manual

BV-10 Operation Manual

Manual Injector Filling Instructions


XenoWorks Digital Microinjector Operation Manual

XenoWorks Analog Microinjector Operation Manual

XenoWorks Micromanipulator Operation Manual

STAGES & Translators

MT-75 Gantry Assembly Instructions