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One Digital Drive
Novato, California
For further directions
call (415) 883 0128

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Sutter Instrument

Sutter has developed a very strong reputation as a manufacturer of quality and innovative instrumentation at reasonable prices. Sutter's strong customer service orientation and technical expertise has led to the development of a very loyal customer base, exhibiting significant repeat purchasing patterns. In the area of micropipette fabrication, Sutter is the undisputed world leader in both instrumentation and technical knowledge. This has positioned Sutter at the forefront of emerging technologies that utilize micron and submicron pipettes and taper fiber optic probes. The synergy between Sutter's microprobe fabrication instruments, micropositioners and optical devices provides the company with a unique role in developing micromeasurement and nanofabrication technologies.

Our contact information and mailing address is:

Sutter Instrument
One Digital Drive
Novato, CA 94949, USA
Fax: 415.883.0572

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