Rapp OptoElectronic UGA-42
Microscope Photomanipulation System

Sutter Instrument is excited to announce a new collaboration with Rapp Optoelectronic, bringing flexible and precise photomanipulation to Sutter’s BOB and NAN microscope platforms. Rapp Optoelectronic’s UGA-42 family of photomanipulation products adds modular photomanipulation options to Sutter Instrument’s already flexible open-design microscopes. The UGA-42 series allows experimenters to project and precisely manipulate diffraction-limited laser spots across their microscope’s field of view. The wide range of available laser wavelengths provides for a variety of optical experiments with high speed, specificity, and spatial accuracy. Some example applications are:

  • Photolysis and Uncaging
  • Photoconversion and Photoswitching
  • Photobleaching and Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP)
  • Optogenetic Stimulation
  • Heat Shock
  • The UGA-42 system starts as a simple module, the AiWon, which directs up to 4 independent, fixed position laser spots into the optical path and onto the sample plane. These diffraction-limited spots can be used for spatial stimulation by moving the sample relative to the spot(s). Exquisite control of timing can be obtained using Rapp’s SysCon software which can be used as a stand-alone method for controlling optical stimulation or coupled to data and/or image acquisition software using a suite of analog and TTL controls.

    A variety of powerful diode lasers are available for the UGA-42 system, ranging in wavelength from ~270 nm to ~1500 nm. Off-the-shelf lasers have a range of maximum output between 50 and 300 mW, depending on wavelength, making them sufficient for the majority of in-vitro photomanipulation applications.

    image depicting available LED wavelengths in a spectrum

    For precise spatial control of laser stimulation, any or all of the wavelengths can be coupled to a Firefly module. The Firefly module uses a pair of galvanometric scanners to rapidly move the laser in user-defined, arbitrary patterns across the entire field of view. Alternatively, the scanners can be used to engage “click-and-fire” mode where simple mouse clicks in the SysCon interface can be used to apply brief laser exposures in discrete locations. Using region of interest (ROI) scanning allows for extremely rapid moves between ROIs or between wavelengths, with switching between independent ROIs requiring just 700 µs.

    For fast, homogenous, illumination of large areas and geometrically defined illumination, the AiWon module can be combined with a Geo module. The Geo is a beam shaping module which instantaneously expands the diffraction limited laser spot to any of 40 predefined shapes and sizes. Shape categories include circles, squares, and annuli. The size range depends on the objective. With a 20x objective, e.g., sizes between 7 µm and 38 µm can be realized. The Geo module allows rapid expansion of the beam to illuminate large, geometrically constrained, areas.

    images of available beam profiles: circles, squares and doughnut shapes in three progressive sizes

    The modular nature of the UGA-42 system allows for these modules to be combined as necessary for a given application. Large, rapid, scans can be achieved by combining a Geo and Firefly module on the same laser line. The equipment is field-upgradable by the user, meaning new modules can be added to an existing photomanipulation system as experiments arise. The powerful and flexible SysCon software communicates with each module regardless of how the overall photomanipulation system is configured. A Rapp photomanipulation system can be configured with any Sutter Instrument BOB or NAN open-design microscope, including existing installations.

    diagram of application architecture


    Laser Type
    Diode Laser (DL) or diode pumped solid state (DPSS) laser
    375nm, 405 nm, 473 nm, 594 nm
    (further wavelengths on request)
    Laser Power:
    50 - 300 mW
    Laser Class:
    Laser Fiber Type:
    Single- or multi-mode fibers available 
    Laser Fiber
    FC-PC, FC-APC and SMA
    Digital and analog
    TTL ports:
    Internal: 2x RMI, external: 2x TTL
    TTL signal:
    0 - +/- 5V
    Integrated mechanical safety shutter
    Interlock circuit:
    USB, RS-232; BNC, RMI
    Active cooling
    Ambient temperature:
    +20 to +30°C
    Power connection:
    EMEA, US (others on request)
    Power consumption:
    Max. 42 W
    100 - 240 V
    50 - 60 Hz
    DIN EN 61010-1: 2011, DIN EN 61326 -1: 2013, DIN EN 50581: 2013, DIN EN 60825-1: 2014
    FDA approved:

    CE   UKCA   China CE

    US PRICES > Rapp Photomanipulation Systems
    International prices vary by country. Please contact your local distributor or Sutter Instrument for a quotation. Prices subject to change without notice.


    Catalog Number Description Price
    FG-RP-AIWON AiWon Photomanipulation system for BOB/NAN $ 40,650
    FG-RP-AIWON-GEO AiWon photomanipulation system with Geo module for BOB/NAN $ 60,700
    FG-RP-FIREFLY UGA-42 Firefly Photomanipulation system for BOB/NAN $ 82,800
    FG-RP-FIREFLY-GEO UGA-42 Firefly Photomanipulation system with Geo Module for BOB/NAN $ 93,100


    Catalog Number Description Price
    FG-RP-375NM Complete Fiber Laser with accessories for Rapp - 375nm $ 29,000
    FG-RP-405NM Complete Fiber Laser with accessories for Rapp - 405nm $ 23,800
    FG-RP-473NM Complete Fiber Laser with accessories for Rapp - 473nm $ 26,700
    FG-RP-594NM Complete Fiber Laser with accessories for Rapp - 594nm $ 32,650
    FG-RP-SAFETY Safety kit for use with Trinoc or Binoc head
    (required for integration on any scope with eyepieces)
    $ 915

    BOB Microscope
    NAN Microscope