Prime Tech PMM6
Piezo Impact Drive

Microinjection demands precise and delicate penetration of cellular membranes. Prime Tech’s popular PMM-150FU and PMM-4G Piezo Impact Drives have set the industry standard for easy operation and reproducible results. Building on that expertise, Prime Tech has developed and is now proud to announce their new PMM6 Piezo Impact Drive.

The PMM6 builds upon a new, smaller, piezo-drive unit which delivers:

  • more effective and gentler coupling between the piezo cell and the micropipette tip
  • user-adjustable driving force
  • The updated user-interface is optimized for ease of use and includes:

  • A touch-screen to ease operations and display the settings of the current program
  • 3 programmable operating modes – Standard, Piezo-ICSI, and Expert – allowing each user to balance simplicity of operation with precise control, according to their specific needs
  • With its new designs, features and functions, Prime Tech’s PMM6 delivers:

  • Precision microinjection that is "Gentle for both Oocyte and Operator"
  • User friendly operation for both the beginner and the expert!
  • The PMM6 system comprises:

    Piezo Drive unit [MB-D-2]
    The new and improved MB-D-2 drive unit mounts easily to the manipulator and pipette holder, has greater durability and performance, and performs injections more gently.

    Interface Module [TS-1]
    The TS-1 touch screen interface displays the settings for the user’s chosen operating mode and provides remote controlled operation of the MB-D-2 or MB-U-2 piezo drive-unit. Its compact size means users can move and place the TS-1 for their comfort and ease of use. Settings can be selected individually, or an on/off switch can be used to control the entire unit.

    Controller [PMAS-CT6]
    The PMAS-CT6 controller accepts user-commands from the TS-1 Interface Module and powers and precisely supervises operation of the connected MB-D-2 or MB-U-2 piezo-drive-unit.

    Foot switch [OP-16] The dual-pedal foot switch provides convenient, ‘hands free’ and ‘vibration free’ command of the piezo drive unit and switching between two pre-set operating modes such as ‘Zona Pellucida’ and ‘Membrane’.

    The PMM6 is designed for multiple micromanipulation applications including:
    Nuclear Transfer
    ES Cell Injection
    Assisted Hatching
    • Smooth, controlled penetration of micropipette tips through cellular membranes
    • Smaller piezo drive unit is adjustable on pipette mounting rod
    • Inertial force from piezo-electric control minimizes damage of biomembranes
    • Touch screen display
    • 3 Modes: Standard, Piezo-ICSI, and Expert
    • 8 Memory program positions
    • Compact design


    Piezo Impact Drive Unit (MB-D-2)
    Moving range: ~ 5 mm
    Traveling resolution: ~ 0.1 µm
    Traveling speed: 0.04 mm/s max

    Operation Box
    Touch screen display
    3 modes of operation: Standard, Piezo-ICSI, Expert
    Expert mode has 8 program positions
    1/2 + 2/3 power options

    Foot Switch
    Mode A/B selection
    Activation of Piezo

    9.5 in x 13 in x 5.5 in | 240 mm x 340 mm x 140 mm

    Operation Box
    4 in x 6.3 in x 2.4 in | 100 mm x 160 mm x 60 mm

    Foot Switch
    5.5 in x 5.5 in x 1.5 in | 145 mm x 140 mm x 38mm

    11.02 lb | 5 kg

    Piezo Drive Unit
    0.3 lbs | 125 g

    Operation Box
    1.2 lbs | 530 g

    Foot Switch
    1.8 lbs | 820 g

    AC supply of 100-240 Volts
    50/60 Hz, 50 mA

    Operates at 5-40° C
    Avoid high humidity

    US Prices > PRIMETECH PMM6
    For availability outside North & South America, please contact Sutter Instrument. Prices subject to change without notice.

    Catalog Number Description Price
    PMM6 Controller, operation box, piezo impact drive unit, and foot switch $ 14,462
    FC770 Fluorinert, 100mL $ 400

    Available from Sutter in the Western Hemisphere. Please contact Sutter for other international destinations.

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