XWI Motorized Microinjector

The XenoWorks® XWI motorized microinjector is a versatile hydraulic microinjector designed for use in microinjection workflows, as well as in stereotaxic and other tissue injections. The XWI uses a stepper motor linear actuator to drive a piston accurately and reproducibly against a column of hydraulic fluid, producing reliable fluid motion in an injection pipette. The full stroke of the XWI actuator is 500 µL, allowing the injector to be used for many injections before the fluid reservoir must be refilled.

For microinjection workflows, manual operation of the injector using the rotary encoder on the controller gives users direct control over injection and aspiration. The injection rate in manual operation mode spans three orders of magnitude, with fluid displacement rates varying from 3.1 µL/revolution to 70 nL/revolution in five discrete steps. Separation of the injector mechanical from its controller allows users to control the injector without introducing vibrations into their preparations.

Manual operation of the XWI is suited for numerous applications including:

  • Pronuclear Injection
  • Generation of holding force
  • Nuclear transfer
  • Preimplantation genetic testing
  • Embryonic stem cell injection
  • Xenopus oocyte injection
  • Embryo injections
  • Polar body biopsy
  • Blastocyst injection
  • Single-cell picking

For stereotaxic and other tissue injections, the XWI has a programmable automatic mode with injection and aspiration rates between 1 nL/s and 10 µL/s. Unlike other nanoliter injectors, the XWI can be easily configured for use with injection pipettes fabricated from glass capillaries with outer diameters between 1.0 and 1.2 mm, regardless of inner diameter. The micropipette holder of the XWI can be mounted to all commercially available stereotaxic frames with standard adaptors. For other tissue injections, the micropipette holder can easily be held in one hand while the controller is operated either by the other hand, or the included footswitch. Alternatively, the micropipette holder fits the standard rod holders of most micromanipulators and can be mounted on any Sutter Instrument micromanipulator. Use of a glass pipette as a microinjection needle, instead of a metal syringe, minimizes damage to the target tissue. At the same time, it can improve targeting and specificity by allowing for the use of needles with small outer diameters and bore diameters as small as 4 µm. In automatic mode, the XWI can be programmed to inject between 1 nL and 500 µL of solution in a single programmed injection.

Automatic operation of the XWI microinjector is suited for any application where a pneumatic, hydraulic, or syringe pump injector might be used including:

  • Stereotaxic injection
  • Nerve injection
  • (Xeno)transplantation
  • Subretinal injection
  • Intravitreal injection
  • Intrathecal and spinal cord injection
  • Round window and semicircular canal injection
  • Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) sampling
  • Controlled dispensing of fluid

The XWI motorized microinjector can also be controlled by a computer via USB with user-designed software, using freely available Sutter Instrument drivers and software development kits.

  • Multiple modes of operation: manual, automatic, and USB control
  • Diverse applications ranging from in-vitro fertilization to stereotaxic injections
  • Accurate and reproducible injection and aspiration
  • High resolution and dynamic range
  • Automated injection volumes from 1 nL to 500 µL
  • Real-time injection volume readout
  • Ergonomic controller for comfortable operation
  • Footswitch triggering of programmed injections
  • Minimum micropipette tip size of 4 µm
  • Remote operation to minimize vibration


XenoWorks XWI Motorized Microinjector

Full Stroke Volume
500 µL

Piston Resolution
275 pL (Manual Mode)
1 nL (Automatic Mode)

Injection Rates
70 nL/Rev - 3.1 µL/Rev (Manual Mode)
±1 nL/s - ± 10 µL/s (Automatic Mode)

Injector Mechanical: 255 mm x 35 mm x 35 mm | 10 in. x 1.4 in. x 1.4 in.
Controller: 140 mm x 130 mm x 80 mm | 5.5 in. x 5.1 in. x 3.1 in.

115/230 Volts
50/60 Hertz Power Line

US Prices > XenoWorks XWI Motorized Microinjector
International prices vary by country. Please contact your local distributor or Sutter Instrument for a quotation. Prices subject to change without notice.

Catalog Number Description Price
XWI XenoWorks® Motorized Microinjector Includes: Hydraulic injector body, ROE controller, footswitch, microtool holder, injection and filling tubing, connecting cables, and manual. $ 3,275

US Prices > XenoWorks® Accessories

Catalog Number Description Price
XWI-MH XWI microtool holder with O-Rings, gaskets for 1.0 – 1.2 mm OD pipettes. $ 245
XWI-FILL Filling kit for XenoWorks Motorized Microinjector. $ 34
XWI-AT Spare injection tubing and fittings for XenoWorks Motorized Microinjector. $ 59
BR-OIL Light mineral oil, suitable for mouse embryo cell culture $ 55

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